Quality Lift and Positioning Solutions to meet a wide range of custom applications.

Dual Scissor Lift Table c/w Hinged Caster Deck

An E-commerce customer that relies heavily on Air Cargo shipments to replenish their Fulfillment Centers contacted Pentalift to discuss improving the off-loading efficiency at their loading dock area. The lift table shown has a caster deck to allow the dock attendants to quickly off load the ULD's (Unit Load Device) from the truck and push it to the designated sortation area.

Portable Tandem Single Scissor Lift Table

The overall dimensions of the work platform are 12’ wide x 17’ long. The lift table was constructed with a modular deck assembly to accommodate shipping restrictions and assembled on site. The main lift table has a lifting capacity of 10,000 lbs. and will raise 5 feet.

110,000 lbs. Capacity Hydraulic Upender

Pentalift 110,000 lbs. capacity with a low height of 42” and a platform size of 8’ x 5’ x 5’. It is equipped with double acting hydraulic cylinders and a counter balance valve to ensure safe and stable upending as the center of gravity changes.

Lift Table with Side Shift Platform

A customer that specializes in aluminum castings contacted Pentalift with a custom designed request for a combination lift table with a sliding deck assembly. The lift table is stationary and the aluminum casting table was installed on a rollaway carriage.

High Capacity Lift Table used in landing gear test

A Manufacturer of Jet Aircraft Landing Gear required a Hydraulic Lift Table to meet a precise high speed application. The Lift Table was designed and engineered to operate during the testing procedure of the companies Aircraft

Portable Dual Double Scissor Lift Table

An automotive Tier 1 supplier of fuel systems contacted Pentalift to assist with a unique application. This company manufactures injection molded fuel cells and changes molds according to production runs.

Towline Carrier lift used in assembly of motorcycles

The worlds most recognized name in Motorcycles built a new manufacturing facility that required portable motorcycle lift tables for use during assembly of their product. There are over 100 of these identical units installed on a

Mobile Jet Engine Test Station with platform extension

One of the world’s premier Jet Aircraft Engine manufacturers commissioned a Mobile Test Station. During the testing and Certification of the new Aircraft Engine, the Engine is suspended from an outdoor fixture and operated through a wide range of environmental conditions for an extended period of time.

Dual Pro Series Lift Table with “U Shaped” Platform

An automobile assembly plant contacted Pentalift with a unique design request.Components were arriving at the assembly plant in “U” shaped racks.

Stainless Steel Double Scissor Lift Tables

A food processing equipment systems integrator contacted Pentalift to discuss their requirements for a processing line they were designing. Stainless steel lift tables shown were selected based on the application requirements.

No Low Drive Through Table With Separate Hinge Lip

A machine shop contacted Pentalift to discuss gaining access to a mezzanine for component storage. Due to site conditions the customer was unable to prepare a recessed pit for a conventional lift table.

Galvanized Scissors Lift

A food processing equipment systems integrator contacted Pentalift to discuss their requirements for a processing line they were designing. Stainless steel lift tables shown were selected based on the application requirements

Upender With Pallet Pocket

A manufacturer of liquid filled
electrical transformers contacted
Pentalift with an upender

Tandem Triple Scissor Lift Table

A North American truck manufacturer recently updated their paint line. The components to be painted are indexed through the state of the art paint booth.

Tilt Platform (45 Degrees) On Triple Scissor Lift Table

A paper recycler contacted Pentalift to discuss a more efficient way to process bulk recycled paper. The bundles of recycled paper are 7 foot long 4 foot high and 4 foot deep. These bundles are placed on the tilt platform using

Stainless Steel Quadruple Scissor Lift Table

A fertilizer manufacturer contacted Pentalift regarding an application for a high lift. During the manufacturing process bags of ingredients were raised to a mixing machine located on a mezzanine. A stainless steel design lift table was

Triple Tandem Hydraulic Lift Table

A utility trailer manufacturer contacted Pentalift for assistance designing a custom hydraulic lift table. The lift table was to be integrated into an assembly line and position the trailers at the most correct ergonomic height during the installation of the wheels and wiring harness.

Quadruple Scissor Lift Table

A manufacturer of grain storage elevators contacted Pentalift for design input during the onsite assembly of the elevators. This model of grain elevator is raised and delivery trucks drive under the grain elevator to be loaded.

Lift, Rotate and Tilt Table

An internationally known power sports company expanding into commercial military vehicles contacted Pentalift to try and come up with a solution to their problem.

Large Dual Double Scissor Lift Table

This lift table was designed to store and retrieve cars in an underground parking garage. The final design is based on a dual (side by side) lift for extra stability over the 11' platform length and with a double scissor (2 sets of scissor legs) to achieve the 17' of vertical lift required.

90 Degree Lift And Tilt Table

Pentalift received an inquiry from an electrical panel manufacturer to design and manufacture a lift and tilt table that could lift and tilt a maximum capacity of 2,500lbs. The electrical panel manufacturer's process starts by placing an empty electrical panel on top of the horizontal table.

Portable Cantilever Lift Table

A Double Scissor Lift Table used for a maximum loads of 10,000 lbs. and a cantilevered load, over the ends, of 2000 lbs. The unit has a 8 foot by 12 foot platform. The lift is used to insert cylindrical shaped objects into a cavity as

Paper Roll Tilter

A tissue paper manufacturer was investigating ways to improve efficiency and safety at the converting machine stage of production. At this process 2 separate rolls of tissue paper are processed into one double ply of paper.

Scissor Lift Table With Tilt On The End And Side

A well-recognized manufacturer of automobiles, motorcycles and recreational vehicles began a research for custom built dual direction tilt platforms. The Research and Development department of this company working with their Engineering Department was sourcing a tilter to be used in the testing stages of a prototype RV.

Dual Quadruple Scissor Lift Table

An international collaboration of Space Agencies joined forces to design and manufacture a large infrared space telescope. The space telescope will study every phase in the history of the universe up to the evolution of our Solar System. Pentalift was contacted by one of the subcontractors to discuss the requirements and specifications of a custom scissor lift to be used in the space telescope test chamber.

Pentalift Down Ender Tilt Table

One of the largest producers of specialty metals and products in the world use innovative technologies to meet their customers' expectations. Their products include titanium alloys, nickel based alloys and stainless and specialty steels. In one of their mills they replaced an outdated piece of equipment with a custom engineered Pentalift down ender.

No Low lift table with 90 degree tilt

An international testing company contacted Pentalift with a unique application involved in their mine minerals analysis process. During the testing process a core sample is raised to the test bench height and tilted to assist with placement on the test bench.

Triple Scissor Lift Table 3 lifts syncronized

A North American manufacturer of MDF (medium density fibre bard) contacted Pentalift with a unique application involved in their manufacturing process. During the manufacturing process a combination of wood fibers, wax and resin go through a process that applies high heat and pressure,

Tandem Scissor Lift Table with protective skirt & wheel guides

Pentalift was contacted by a skilled trades technical school to assist in the design of 2 lift tables to be used in the waste management process at one of their facilities.

Double Scissor Lift Table with Powered Rotating Deck

Pentalift was invited to participate in the design and construction of a specialty lift and power rotate lift table for a well know North American systems integrator.

Double scissor lift table with side shifting top deck

A manufacturer of adhesive tapes such as masking tape and electrical tape contacted Pentalift with a unique application. A lift truck equipped with a coil boom delivers a coil of paper to be positioned on the unwinder.

20,000 lb capacity Hydraulic Upender with Cradle

An international company that manufactures subsea systems, surface well heads and transfer systems to accommodate the energy industry requirements contacted Pentalift to discuss design criteria.

Triple Tandem Scissor Lift with Powered Lips

Based on a previous successful project with Pentalift a customer in the heat treating industry contacted Pentalift once again. On the original project custom Pentalift lift tables were designed to load and off load heat treated steel from a 36’ long transfer cart. Based on the proven productivity gains a different

20,000 lb Capacity Lift Table with Sliding Platform

A company specializing in vacuum heat treating contacted Pentalift looking for a solution to increase their efficiencies when loading a furnace. The furnace is a 36’ long car bottom design, the transfer car is loaded outside the furnace and once loaded is moved into position.

Triple Scissor Lift Table with mesh filled guard rails

An international company that specializes in packaging products contacted Pentalift to discuss their application requirements. Working within limited space restrictions the quality control personnel needed access to an observation point. Reviewing the site conditions it was decided that a Pentalift

Steel Processing Custom Lift Table

A steel processing company requested assistance in designing a custom lift table to suit their application. The steel to be handled arrived in 3 lengths; 8’ long, 16’ long and 24’ long.

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