An international testing company contacted Pentalift with a unique application involved in their mine minerals analysis process. During the testing process a core sample is raised to the test bench height and tilted to assist with placement on the test bench. The porosity of the core sample determines the degree of tilt required to position it on the test bench. The platform dimensions of the lift/tilt table are 50″ wide x 54″ long. There is 34″ of lift height available and the tilt top can be tilted up to 90 degree. To achieve 90 degree of tilt the tilt mechanism is equipped with double acting hydraulic cylinders, the tilt section is powered up and also powered down. The No Low design permits the core samples to be positioned on the lift table platform using a 2 wheel cart or a manual pallet truck, no pit is required, the lift table is equipped with a hydraulic velocity fuse to prevent free fall if the hydraulic hose is ruptured.

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