Pentalift was contacted by a skilled trades technical school to assist in the design of 2 lift tables to be used in the waste management process at one of their facilities. The lift table design selected is 9′ wide, 25′ long, and 6.5′ of vertical travel with a load capacity of 40,000 lbs. The lift table platforms are equipped with 2 full length guide tracks and guide track end stops equipped with rubber impact guards. When the lift table is in the lowered closed position a waste management truck positions a portable waste container on the platform of the lift table. The portable container is then manually pushed forward until contact is made with the end stops. To attain the customers specified 1 minute lift speed the lift table is equipped with a 3 phase 15 hp power unit. The lift is operated with a Press and Release control panel. The first control button automatically sends the lift table to the closed home position; the second control button sends the lift table to 79″ raised height, the third to 98″ raised height. When the portable waste container is loaded the lift table is then returned to the home position, manually pushed to the off load area, picked up and emptied by the waste management truck and returned to repeat the process.

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