Boost your facility’s efficiency and productivity all while protecting your employees.

Rather than forcing the worker to fit the task, ergonomics are included into our lift table designs to allow the task to fit the worker. Typical applications include lifting a worker or the
item to the appropriate height to comfortably complete a task. Selecting the correct ergonomic product for your manufacturing or warehousing workforce has never been easier.
Pentalift has been designing and manufacturing lift tables to accommodate improved ergonomics for over 30 years. Don’t put your employees at risk of injury and your facility at
risk for additional workers compensation costs, increased benefits usage, and down time by cutting corners when ergonomically innovative industry products are readily available through Pentalift Equipment Corporation.
Plant managers, operations managers, industrial engineers, manufacturing engineers, and health and safety coordinators all agree; ergonomic lift tables and custom ergonomic lift tables improve a facility’s bottom line.

How do Ergonomics Improve your factory’s efficiency?

Ergonomics reduce costs to your business – workplace accidents happen more often when employees are fatigued from poor workstation ergonomics. When accidents occur,
workers compensation and benefit costs increase.
Ergonomics improves productivity – the workstation becomes more efficient.
Ergonomics improves quality – removing frustration and fatigue allowing the worker to complete tasks more comfortably, which allows them to focus on product quality rather than fatigue and discomfort.
Ergonomics improves employee engagement – better safety increases employee morale.
Ergonomics creates a better safety culture – Demonstrates your company’s commitment to your employees’ safety.

Pentalift’s focus on ergonomics and improving the working interface between people and the materials they move and use to reduce injury and increase productivity goes back to
our inception in 1983.

Ergonomic equipment promotes the general safety and health aspects of work environments for anyone with or in the vicinity of mechanical equipment; such as adjustable worker elevation platforms, containers tilters, lift tables, pallet rotators, stackers, and platform trucks.

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