An engineering firm contacted Pentalift with a unique application for a lift and positioning product. The challenges to overcome were to provide a portable lift table that in the fully lowered position is able to be maneuvered into position under a horizontal structural beam. Once in position the lift table served two purposes, an adjustable work height platform complete with a secondary lift table to raise and lower the product. The overall dimensions of the work platform are 12’ wide x 17’ long. The lift table was constructed with a modular deck assembly to accommodate shipping restrictions and assembled on site. The main lift table has a lifting capacity of 10,000 lbs. and will raise 5 feet. The secondary lift table has a capacity of 6,000 lbs. and will raise 4 feet. To keep the lowered height as low as possible the lift table was designed with a low profile portability package complete with swivel casters. The 5HP hydraulic power unit is installed on a frame extension complete with a steel cover and protective posts. The controls to operate both the primary and secondary lift table are installed on the platform. An air drop complete with quick disconnect and a 115/1/60 15A electrical outlet were provided on both sides of the lift table platform. 2 interlocked gates were provided for access to the work platform; the lift table will not raise or lower unless both gates are closed.

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