A custom residence contractor contacted Pentalift with an unusual request. They were part way through the process of building the residence when the Owner inquired about a special feature for his new home. The Owner has an extensive collection of vintage sports cars and was looking for a means to store and retrieve these cars in a climate controlled underground parking garage. The final design is based on a dual (side by side) lift for extra stability over the 11′ platform width and with a double scissor (2 sets of scissor legs) to achieve the 17′ of vertical lift required. The platform is 20′ long with a rated lifting capacity of 6,000 lbs and a 10 hp power unit was used to achieve the desired lift speed. Two 5 button control panels operate all of the features of the lift. To ensure that the automobile remains in position an automatic hydraulic roll off stop was installed on one end of the platform, this roll off stop only retracts when the lift is in the fully lowered position.

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