A manufacturer of adhesive tapes such as masking tape and electrical tape contacted Pentalift with a unique application. A lift truck equipped with a coil boom delivers a coil of paper to be positioned on the unwinder. Due to obstacles near the unwinder the lift truck could not get close enough to deliver the coil of paper. The lift table shown has a 15″ powered bi-direction deck assembly with a V groove design to prevent the coil rolling once in position. The lift table rises to clear the obstacles and then the deck is powered towards the lift truck, when the deck is in position the coil is transferred from the lift truck to the lift table. The lift table deck is centered and the raised or lowered (depending on the coil diameter) until the centre of the coil is lined up with the shaft of the coil unwinder. Once aligned the deck is then powered in the opposite direction positioning the coil of paper on the unwinder shaft. The coil unwinds as the manufacturing process begins to create the paper center of the rolls of tape. The Pentalift 4,000 lb. capacity double scissor lift table platform is 42″ wide x 67″ long, V groove design, bi-directional 15″ extension and 79″ of lift. A 5 hp double acting power unit provides the required operating speed; the deck is equipped with removable visual inspection hatches.

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