Vehicle restraints and dock lock safety systems are a key component of efficent and safe modern loading docks. Vehicle restraints lock trailers into position at the loading dock. The vehicle restraint systems incorporate an intergrated system of signal lights, inside on the vehicle restraint control panel and outside on the facility wall to communicate loading and restraint status to the dock attendant as well as the truck driver.

HFR32 Vehicle Restraint Safety System

The HFR32 vehicle restraint safety system is a face-mounted, non-impact safety system. The dual side by side hook arrangement, manufactured with 100,000 PSI steel helps to spread out the forces over the rear impact guard (R.I.G.), improving the strength relationship between the two. A 10 1/2 " low height facilitates lower R.I.G’s.

RVR32 Vehicle Restraint Safety System

The RVR32 vehicle restraint safety system is a raised, face mounted, off the ground design. The front extension bar provides an operating range of 9” low to 25” high. The rotating steel hook design provides a 32,000 lb restraining capacity.

UHR40 Ultrahook Vehicle Restraint Safety System

The superior engineering features of the UHR40 ultrahook vehicle restraint safety system makes it a reliable and effective restraint system for the most demanding of applications.

LPR35 Vehicle Restraint Safety System

The Pentalift LPR35 vehicle restraint safety system was designed to accommodate vehicles fitted with very low rear impact guards. The operating range of the LPR35 is 8 ¾” low and 26” high.

MFRAL32 Vehicle Restraint

The MFRAL32 mechanical vehicle restraint provides the combination of a cost effective vehicle restraint with a complete communication system. The MFRAL32 offers a rugged structural design, 32,000 lb restraining capacity and a high visibility two way communication system providing clear communication between the dock attendant and the truck driver.

MFR32 Vehicle Restraints

The MFR32 mechanical vehicle restraint offers a rugged structural design, simple operation and maximum product value. The loading dock is one of the most hazardous areas of any facility.