A North American manufacturer of MDF (medium density fibre bard) contacted Pentalift with a unique application involved in their manufacturing process. During the manufacturing process a combination of wood fibers, wax and resin go through a process that applies high heat and pressure, it is important to keep this process monitored and to clean when required. There are 2 vertical columns that prevent a lift table from being placed close enough to the process to permit monitoring and cleaning. Pentalift designed an “E” shaped lift table to fit around these 2 columns and provide the access required. There are three individual sets of scissor legs are synchronized using a geared flowed divider. The walking surface of the platform is manufactured of serrated grating for a combination of improved visibility and improved traction. The overall width of the lift table is 20′ wide; it is 10′ long with a raised height of 18′, 2,500 lb of lifting capacity. The platform is completely enclosed with guard rails and the access gate is electrically interlocked to prevent the lift from raising or lowering unless the gate is closed and latched. The custom control panel allows all 3 lifts to raise or lower together or for the operator to lower any lift table individually and an E Stop button. To achieve the required lift speed the assembly is operated by a 3 phase 10 horse power remote power unit.

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