A paper recycler contacted Pentalift to discuss a more efficient way to process bulk recycled paper. The bundles of recycled paper are 7 foot long 4 foot high and 4 foot deep. These bundles are placed on the tilt platform using a fork lift truck. One side of the three foot high containment structure has two slots that allow the fork lift to lower the bundle into the container and withdraw the fork lift. The bundle is then raised approximately 12 feet, tilted 45 degrees and the bundle of paper is dumped into a recycling shredder. The lift and tilt table was manufactured with a 54″ by 96″ platform that has the ability of tilting the 4000 lbs load 45 degrees. A remote 460/3/60 10HP power unit was selected to meet a target speed of 60 seconds. The lift and tilt functions are controlled by a constant pressure 4 button pendant on a 10 foot cord.

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