A systems integrator contacted Pentalift with a unique application for a customer of theirs that specializes in injection molding for the automotive industry. During the manufacturing process various molds require periodic maintenance and inspection. The largest mold weighed less than 100,000 lbs. and was 8’ wide, 5’ high, and 5’ deep. Pentalift designed and quoted an 110,000 lbs. capacity upender to suit this application. During the quotation process engineered approval drawings were prepared and submitted for the customers review and approval prior to fabrication. The upender shown in the photographs has a low height of 42” with a platform size of 8’ x 5’ x 5’. It is also equipped with double acting hydraulic cylinders and a counter balance valve to ensure safe and stable upending as the center of gravity changes. To meet the customer specified tilt time the upender was equipped with a 460/3/60 15 HP power unit complete with push button controls on 10’ cord. The upender was also equipped with top and bottom limit switches to prevent dead ending to the hydraulic system in either the fully lowered or fully upended position.

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