A tissue paper manufacturer was investigating ways to improve efficiency and safety at the converting machine stage of production. At this process 2 separate rolls of tissue paper are processed into one double ply of paper. Systems Integrator was contacted for assistance in designing this overall work cell and they in turn contacted Pentalift for assistance on the product roll tilter. The custom roll tilter has 2 platforms sizes, 152″ wide, 63″ long and the second is 152″ wide by 48″ long. With the 63″ platform in the elevated level position a roll of the 2 ply product is rolled on to the roll tilter. The roll weighing approximately 4,000 lbs contacts the back stop and is then tilted 60 degrees and held in position for final product trimming. Once completed the roll tilter tilts down the last 30 degrees and the roll of paper ejects roll tilter then returns to the original start position and process repeats. For rigidity, longevity and to address impact forces the roll tilter was designed with a 10,000 lb structural rating. A double acting hydraulic circuit incorporating redundant hydraulic cylinders and counterbalance valves ensures a smooth transition during center of gravity changes as the paper coil is downended.

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