An automotive Tier 1 supplier of fuel systems contacted Pentalift to assist with a unique application. This company manufactures injection molded fuel cells and changes molds according to production runs. The work area was very restricted requiring a portable lift table to assist in the mold changes. The lift table shown is a portable dual scissor lift table that has the capacity of 6000 lbs. The low height of the table is 13.5″ and the table has a vertical travel of 90″ and a raised height of 103.5″. The lift table has a platform size of 72″ wide by 102″ long equipped with a checkered platform for better traction and has 42″ high guard rails around the equipment to keep the personnel safely inside the equipment. The equipment is also equipped with a 30″ wide guard gate that swings inward only. When the gate is opened it will stop any operation of the lift table.

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