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Pentalift lift table bellows are available to suit many models of lift tables and tilters. Accordion lift table guards are designed to minimize debris entry under the lift table. Keeping the debris out reduces the maintenance and housekeeping tasks at the work station. The potential for damage to the lift table and the associated downtime is significantly reduced if debris is prevented from coming in contact with the moving scissor assemblies, leg rollers and power unit. Pentalift accordion lift table skirts can be ordered as factory installed or shipped loose and installed on the scissor lift at the final destination or even ordered at a later date.

Pentalift lift table accordion bellows are manufactured from 22 oz. vinyl material. Some other manufacturers use a vinyl that is 20% lighter than what Pentalift uses. In an industrial application, the 22 oz. vinyl will always outperform the lighter gauge material.

All Pentalift accordion lift table skirts are manufactured with a full perimeter mesh vent. As the scissor lift is lowered, the air inside the bellows is exhausted through the mesh vent, which assists in preventing distortion of the accordion bellows. The individual pleats are computer cut to length, assuring conformity of fit. They are sewn together in an industrial sewing process and all corners are heat sealed. The accordion bellow is supplied with metal stiffening rods and a top perimeter mounting plate to affix the lift table skirting to the lift table platform.

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Without the metal stiffening rods supplied and installed, the scissor lift accordion bellows would not maintain the conformity of shape as the lift table raises and lowers. The stiffening rods assure that the accordion bellows do not sag internally. If the accordion bellow’s pleats sag internally, they would be caught in the pantograph motion of the scissor lift legs, causing damage to the bellows. If the bellows sag outward as the table is lowered, the accordion bellow’s pleats would be exposed to damage by materials handling equipment used to load and off load the lift table.

There are a number of accordion bellow manufacturers that are not in the lift table or materials handling business. They manufacture products for a wide range of use. As Pentalift is in the lift table business and recognizes the significance of this option at time of equipment manufacture or even the addition to existing lift tables at a later date, Pentalift has invested in the people and technology to manufacture a high quality product in house.

Accordion bellows could be manufactured from any color of vinyl, however in most industrial settings, the preferred color is yellow. The high visibility, yellow vinyl acts as a sub conscious signal that there is machinery in use at this location and to exercise caution.

In addition to manufacturing lift table bellows for Pentalift products, lift table bellows are available from our Parts Department to suit many other brands of lift tables. The accordion bellow kit consists of the bellows, top perimeter mounting plate and installation instructions.

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