A hydraulic dock lift is an example of material handling equipment in use at the loading dock area that receives a static load. In a truck loading application the dock lift is in the lowered position and a load is slowly driven/pushed onto the dock lift platform and stopped. The dock lift then raises the static nonmoving load to the truck bed height and the product then slowly transitions off the platform onto the truck bed. A dock leveler is an example of materials handling equipment at a... Read More
The modern loading dock is one of the busiest areas of any manufacturing facility or distribution center therefore safety is a paramount consideration. The equipment generally associated with the loading dock area includes dock levelers, vehicle restraints, dock seals, overhead doors and dock lights. A master control panel provides the dock attendant a convenient centralized location to operate all of the above mentioned equipment at the loading dock and it also allows for the ability to inte... Read More
Standard lift tables are designed for up to 8 full load cycles per hour per 8 hour shift, 5 days a week. In the majority of applications hydraulic lift tables have a long life expectancy if specified correctly to match the application requirements. To maintain peak performance lift tables must receive periodic maintenance and inspection as outlined in the manufacturers Owner’s Manual. There are applications where lift tables are required to operate at significantly more cycles per hour... Read More
A dock leveler in the closed/stored position is level with buildings inside finished floor. When an incoming truck backs into position at the loading dock the bed of the truck is usually level. The dock leveler is cycled, the deck raises and the lip assembly extends, the platform then lowers and the extended lip assembly rests on the bed of the truck. The truck is now ready to be loaded or unloaded. In some circumstances the truck bed is not level with the finished floor level, this could be... Read More
A hydraulic dock leveler overhead door interlock kit prevents the dock leveler from operating until the overhead door is open. Without an overhead door interlock kit there is the potential for significant accidental damage to the overhead door. With the overhead closed and locked on top of a stored hydraulic dock leveler if a dock attendant accidentally activates the dock leveler control button there are sufficient upward forces generated that will cause significant damage to the closed overh... Read More
Mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic dock levelers are available to suit either a pre-formed pit installation or a pour in place installation. Although the initial cost of a pour in place dock leveler is slightly higher than a dock leveler manufactured for a pre-formed pit there are significant overall building construction cost savings to be gained. In general terms pour in place dock levelers are manufactured and shipped in a 4 sided steel enclosure; the enclosure covers the 2 sides, the ... Read More
An electric toe sensor consists of a 4 sided steel bar assembly that is suspended by chains just under the lower platform edge and is equipped with 4 electric limit switches. As the lift table/dock lift platform lowers if any obstruction such as an operator’s foot or debris makes contact with the sensor bar the lowering stops. https://www.pentalift.com/solutions/toe-sensor/ Without electric toe sensors when the operator depresses the Down button on a lift table or a dock lift an elect... Read More
In recent years the increase of E-commerce has driven the need for Air Cargo shipments to quickly supply and replenish Fulfillment Centers. Air cargo shipments are typically shipped in standardized ULD (Unit Load Device) aluminum containers. These flat bottom containers are contoured to suit the inside of an Air Cargo aircraft. The floor of the aircraft is equipped with a caster deck sub floor to quickly unload the ULD’s. The ULD’s are then taken by truck also equipped with a caster deck sub... Read More
To ensure worker safety it is important to eliminate any potential shear points as the underside of the lift table platform and the underside of the rotating top lowers into the recessed pit. https://www.pentalift.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/lift-and-rotate-sheet.pdf The lift table sub platform must be equipped with either 4 sided beveled toe guards or electric toe sensors if the sub platform and rotator are the same size. Beveled toe guards are slanted inward at approximately a 30 d... Read More
Auto return is an option that is only available on hydraulic dock levelers. https://www.pentalift.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/Hydraulic-Dock-Leveler-Brochure.pdf When a truck is backed into position at the loading dock the trailer doors are opened. The dock attendant cycles the hydraulic dock leveler. The deck raises, the hydraulic operated hinged lip extends, the deck is then lowered and the hinged lip rests on the truck bed. The loading or off-loading begins, when completed typical... Read More