Well maintained loading dock equipment is very important to keep a consistent product flow in and out of an industrial facility. Establishing a Planned Maintenance Program that covers equipment inspection, lubrication, cleaning and any adjustments that may be required will keep the loading dock area operating efficiently and safely. In addition to the maintenance requirements a visual structural inspection of the dock leveler platform, rear hinges and lip assembly will monitor the structural integrity of the loading dock equipment. The suggested frequency of the loading dock PM program i... Read More
In a production environment material handling equipment is used to keep the product moving. In a Distribution Center/ Fulfillment Center materials handling equipment is used to both move and temporarily store products. Materials handling equipment covers a broad range of products, most familiar are lift trucks, cranes, racking and shelving, conveyors, work positioners and loading dock equipment. For 35+ years Pentalift has been recognized as a leader in designing and manufacturing a number of categories of materials handling products. It all begins at the loading dock area. Regardless of... Read More
The majority of lift tables have an electro/hydraulic operating system. An electric lift motor drives a hydraulic pump which raises the lift table; the load is held in position when the motor activation is discontinued, activating a solenoid valve lowers the lift table. The most common method to operate a lift table is with a hand held constant pressure push button control station. Depress and hold the UP button until the lift table is in the desired position, release of any buttons holds the lift table in its current position. Depress and hold the DOWN button to lower the lift table. Read More
Loading dock bumpers are installed to absorb the impact of an incoming truck approach to the loading dock area. Dock bumpers are a maintenance item and will require replacing periodically to protect the building and loading dock equipment from impact damage. https://www.pentalift.com/loading-docks/prodinfo-dock-bumpers.php Prior to removing the existing dock bumpers complete a thorough inspection of the concrete surface where the existing dock bumpe... Read More
Knowing if the lift table will be pit installed or surface installed is an important factor in the design of the lift table platform. Lift tables that are installed in a recessed pit must have the platform equipped with either 4 sided beveled toe guards or electric toe sensors. 4 sided beveled toe guards provide a physical alert and are intended to push toes or other objects away as the platform lowers into the pit. Electric toe sensors stop the downward descent if contacted by any obstructio... Read More
Loading dock seals are most commonly fabric covered foam that is attached to a wood backboard. The 3 piece dock seal is installed on the two sides and on the top of an overhead door at the loading dock. The majority of dock seals are a compression design providing a gasket type seal between the sides and top of the parked trailer and the building wall. A proper dock seal installation will automatically lower energy costs by creating this gasket type seal at the loading dock doors.  https://www.pentalift.com/solut... Read More
The loading dock area has been rated as one of the most hazardous areas of any facility. Unscheduled truck departure during the loading or unloading process does happen and it could result in a devastating accident if the forklift and operator fall from the elevated dock area to the driveway. Vehicle restraint safety systems are designed to provide two very important functions. Vehicle restraint safety systems mechanically lock a truck/trailer in the proper parked position at the loading dock during loading and equally important provides visual safety related communication to the truck driv... Read More
Lift tables are used in a number of different applications, the application determines which safety devices are used. For example, pit installed lift tables require safety protection to prevent a potential shear point as the lift table platform lowers into the pit. These lift tables are provided with beveled toe guards on the platform, the beveled toe guards are slanted inward at an approximate 30-degree angle. This link shows a lift table platform equipped with beveled toe guards. https://www.pentalift.c... Read More
Maintaining and properly servicing loading dock equipment is very important for 2 main reasons, operations efficiency and dock attendant safety at the loading dock area. In distribution centers and in the majority of manufacturing facilities products are received and shipped across a dock leveler. Any interruption of product transfer in or out of the facility due to problems or delays at the loading dock area directly impacts the efficiency of the operation and ultimately the bottom line. The dock levelers in use at the loading dock may or may not have been originally supplied with a wea... Read More
Vehicle restraint safety systems are designed to mechanically lock a truck/trailer in the proper parked position at the loading dock during loading and also to provide visual safety related communication to the truck driver and the loading dock attendant. Vehicle Restraint Systems greatly enhance safety at the loading dock. Pentalift introduced our first vehicle restraint safety system over 30 years ago. https://www.pentalift.com/loading-docks/prodinfoHFR.php This link shows the evolution of the first vehicle restraint de... Read More