Conventional Dock Seals are a wood backed foam assembly wrapped in vinyl or neoprene. Dock seals are installed on the building wall at the loading dock and typically project 4”- 6” beyond the face of the dock bumpers. When a truck backs into position at the loading dock the back of the truck compresses the dock seal until the truck contacts the dock bumpers. This 4”- 6” of compression forms a seal on the sides and top of the trailer minimizing energy loss when the truck is in positon ... Read More
The majority of dock lifts are used to load and unload incoming trucks at a grade level application. Dock lifts are often installed either in a preformed pit flush with grade level or surface installed on a concrete pad. Dock lifts surface installed on a concrete pad are usually equipped with an approach ramp for access from grade to the dock lift platform. In an ideal situation the incoming truck / trailer backs into position stopping just ahead of the dock lift. Based on experience, on-... Read More
When the dock leveler is not in use it is stored in the closed, cross traffic position level with the building floor. When the dock leveler is activated the platform is hinged at the rear, the front section of the platform raises and when the platform reaches full height the hinged lip assembly extends. The the raising of the deck assembly during operating cycle creates an opening between the underside of a hydraulic or pneumatic dock leveler platform and the building floor. Without guarding,... Read More
Hydraulic lift tables can be synchronized in operation however there are a number of factors to first investigate. The most important question relates to what level of synchronization is actually required, the higher the level of synchronization the higher the project cost. Basic synchronization can often be accomplished through the use of a hydraulic geared flow divider. This system provides fairly consistent accuracy and repeatability however there may be some minor height variations during... Read More
Tandem lift tables are designed with 2 or more sets of scissor legs that are positioned end to end with a common frame under a common platform. Tandem lift tables accommodate longer lift platforms. These lifts are typically used to lift, support and lower longer loads such as lengths of steel or plastic pipe, lengths of lumber or large assemblies during the manufacturing process. The overall length of the platform and the... Read More
As standard all Pentalift hydraulic lift tables are provided with a hand held Up/Down constant pressure push button on a 10’ cord. To raise the lift table platform depress and hold the Up button, to lower the lift table press and hold the Down button. Releasing either button will stop the platform movement at the desired position. A guarded 2 button constant pressure foot pedal control station is an option avail... Read More
Dock levelers are a vertically adjustable ramp recessed flush into the floor at the buildings loading dock area. Dock levelers are designed to provide a smooth transition from the floor of the building to the truck bed. Lift trucks, pallet trucks etc. travel across dock levelers somewhere every hour of the day, every day of the year loading and unloading freight from trucks. The majority of trucks that are backed into position are level with the loading dock area. When the truck is in posi... Read More
The surge in online shopping has created the need for more and more Fulfillment Centers. Fulfillment Centers act as a sortation center processing orders and turning inventory over quickly providing customers with fast order delivery. The increased rate of activity and efficiency at the Fulfillment Centers had placed more focus on loading dock equipment safety and performance than ever. As new Fulfillment Centers are built Pentalift is often the choice for loading dock equipment as Pentalift o... Read More
As standard Pentalift mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic dock levelers are supplied with a 16” long hinged lip assembly.  In the majority of applications the 16” long hinged lip assembly in conjunction with 4 ½” thick laminated dock bumpers provides adequate lip length on the truck bed for safe loading and unloading. An 18” long hinged lip assembly is a very common and recommended option. The extra 2” lip length compensates for a truck that may not be backed in perfectly square t... Read More
Pentalift offers a wide range of laminated rubber loading dock bumpers. Loading dock bumpers are typically installed on the face of the building foundation wall with the top of the dock bumper(s) flush to the finished floor height. When an incoming truck backs up to the loading dock area the dock bumpers are in place to stop the truck in the proper position away from and thereby protecting the building wall.  The forces exerted by the approaching truck are high. The quality of the bumpers is... Read More