The as a general rule of thumb Pentalift hydraulic lift tables are designed for up to 8 full cycles of operation per hour, 1- 8 hour shift per day, 5 days a week. There are applications that call for a higher number of cycles per hour, per day, and per week. To accommodate these higher cycle applications Pentalift offers a high cycle option. A Pentalift high cycle option replaces all of the pivot point bushings with greasable bearings and grease fittings. The scissor lift leg rollers are r... Read More
For 35+ years Pentalift has designed, engineered, and manufactured an extensive line of the most commonly requested lift tables, tilters, rotators, and positioning equipment.  Click on the link to view our standard lift and positioning product line overview. In addition to a pre-engineered product line, Pentalift recognized the industry requirements for custom designed lift and positioning equipment. Drawing from th... Read More
Pentalift manufactures an extensive line of industrial scissor lifts including ergonomic work positioners, conventional size and capacity lift tables, lift tables for high cycle, high capacity, and high lift applications. In addition, Pentalift also manufactures tilters, rotators, and a wide range of custom positioning equipment. The best investment to extend the lifetime of the equipment and to avoid costly breakdowns and production interruptions are to implement a scheduled maintenance prog... Read More
The most effective way to communicate with Pentalift regarding replacement parts is by email. Please email your request to or use our online Parts & Service Contact Information Form If you have access to the original Owner’s Manual specify the quantity, part number and part description required and reference the equipment’s 9 digits serial number. If the part number is not available it is not uncommon for replac... Read More
Pentalift offers technical support for all equipment that we manufacture. Prior to making a call for technical support, there is important information that Pentalift requires to assist in addressing the topic in a timely manner. Every piece of equipment Pentalift manufactures has a 9 digit serial number; this number is located on the equipment specification plate. The 9 digit serial number ties directly to the production file which contains the date of manufacture, list of components, wi... Read More
Dock Lifts are typically used to load or unload trucks from the truck bed to ground level. One of the main advantages of a dock lift is its ability to service a very wide range of trucks/trailers. The majority of dock lifts are installed into a recessed pit however not all applications can accommodate a recessed pit. Surface-installed dock lifts are the alternative, they are typically installed on a poured concrete pad. See Pentalift web pages for more information on dock lift applications.https... Read More
The majority of loading dock areas are designed with a level grade approach, the truck backs in level and square to the building's foundation and wall. The second most common is a declining approach at the loading dock area. A declining approach increases the risk of damage to the building walls above the overhead doors as the top of the incoming truck can potentially contact the wall before the back of the truck bed contacts the dock bumpers. Read More
In the majority of applications a reservoir immersion heater is not the recommended solution to keep the hydraulic oil at the proper operating temperature in an extremely cold weather application. In addition to being a high priced accessory immersion heaters are not energy efficient. Hydraulic dock lifts are operated using a power unit which is a combination of an electric motor, a gear pump, valving and a hydraulic reservoir. The hydraulic oil is pumped from the reservoir to the lift table ... Read More
Well maintained loading dock equipment is very important to keep a consistent product flow in and out of an industrial facility. Establishing a Planned Maintenance Program that covers equipment inspection, lubrication, cleaning and any adjustments that may be required will keep the loading dock area operating efficiently and safely. In addition to the maintenance requirements a visual structural inspection of the dock leveler platform, rear hinges and lip assembly will monitor the structural ... Read More
In a production environment material handling equipment is used to keep the product moving. In a Distribution Center/ Fulfillment Center materials handling equipment is used to both move and temporarily store products. Materials handling equipment covers a broad range of products, most familiar are lift trucks, cranes, racking and shelving, conveyors, work positioners and loading dock equipment. For 35+ years Pentalift has been recognized as a leader in designing and manufacturing a number of... Read More