It is very common for lift tables to be installed into a recessed pit with the top of the lift table platform flush with the floor. This type of installation provides floor level platform access for wheeled equipment such as a pallet truck, cart etc. As standard most lift tables are provided with straight (vertical) toe guards on the platform. However if the operator’s foot is on the floor but projected over the side or the end of the pit introduces a potential pinch / shear point as the un... Read More
Dock lifts are a scissor lift design most commonly used to raise and lower a platform from truck bed height to grade level during loading/off-loading. When purchasing a dock lift one of the most important decisions to make is to either surface install or pit install the dock lift. There are pro’s and con’s to consider when making this decision. Surface installed dock lifts do not require a pre formed pit, surface installed dock lifts are installed directly on a concrete slab. Avoiding ... Read More
There are a number of controls available to operate a lift table however push button controls are the most common type of controls available for a lift table. Typically push button controls are a constant pressure design, in other words the operator must depress and hold the Up button for the lift table to raise and depress and hold the Down button for the lift table to lower. The lift table is at rest if neither the Up button nor the Down button is depressed. Push button controls can be a... Read More
Hydraulic dock levelers offer many advantages over mechanical dock levelers in terms of convenience, efficiency and safety. Hydraulic dock levelers can handle heavier loads than mechanical dock levelers. Due to the operation of push button controls hydraulic dock leveler platforms and hinged lip assemblies can be structurally heavier than a mechanical version which requires physical interaction to operate the dock leveler. Hydraulic dock levelers are more ergonomically correct and operator... Read More
Lift tables help reduce physical strain and fatigue associated with repetitive lifting and lowering by allowing the worker to set the work height to their preference. This adjustable height feature ensures the work is conducted at a comfortable ergonomic level regardless of the product or operators’ height. The ability for an operator to set the most comfortable work height helps prevent back, neck and shoulder problems that can result from awkward or strained repetitive movements. This ... Read More
There are a number of benefits to consider when upgrading a mechanical dock leveler to hydraulic operation. From an ergonomic and safety perspective hydraulic operated dock levelers are easier for dock attendants to operate by reducing the physical effort required to raise and lower the deck assembly. Hydraulic operation eliminates the physical need for the dock attendant to constantly bend over and pull the mechanical dock leveler release mechanism and it also avoids the dock attendant ha... Read More
Lift tables that are designed with more than one stack of scissor legs are referred to as multi stage lift tables. Multi stage lift tables are designed to provide a high amount of vertical travel/lift while requiring a minimal floor space foot print. This link illustrates examples of standard Pentalift multi stage lift tables. This link illustrates examples of custom designed Pentalift multi stage lift tables.  https://www.pen... Read More
The majority of dock leveler manufacturers offer foam insulated deck assemblies as more of a safety product than an energy saving product.  There are many options available to conserve energy at the loading dock area of any facility and contrary to some popular thought foam insulated dock leveler deck assemblies are not on that list. In most applications conventional pit model dock levelers are in the closed/stored position with the overhead door closed on top of the dock leveler deck assemb... Read More
A self-height adjusting lift table is an ergonomic tool used in palletizing of products for shipment or de-palletizing a full pallet of product at point of de-packaging. A self-height adjusting lift table has a 48” x 48” square platform c/w a manual rotating top and is stored in the fully raised position when empty. The Pentalift self-height adjusting lift table is referred to as a Pentaloader. This link leads to the Pentaloader brochure. Read More
A dock lift is a scissor lift style materials handling product designed to load and off load trucks from the truck bed to the grade level. Dock lifts can be manufactured to suit a recessed concrete pit or installed on a pre-poured concrete slab. This link illustrates a standard recessed pit style dock lift; This link illustrates a standard surface/slab installed dock lift; Read More