PDF LIbrary

Dock Lifts VS Combo Lifts

The Docks Lifts Compared to Combo Lifts document explains the benefits of including a dock lift alongside dock levelers to increase productivity and lower initial costs and planned maintenance

Video Library

Pentalift's Loading Dock Video Library offers multiple products in application.

Vertical Storing Dock Leveler

Vertical storing dock levelers are a commonly used loading dock device. They offer substantially different features and benefits from conventional pit type levelers. The leveler lowers through a rotational motion to meet the truck trailer bed for unloading. This differs from conventional pit levelers which store with the deck in the horizontal position.

Loading Dock Equipment Installation Precautions

The Importance of Proper Installation cannot be over-stated. A very high percentage of issues with loading dock equipment can be attributed to improper installation. Pentalift equips our dealers and service technicians with excellent training and instruction before they install a single piece of dock equipment.

The Dangers of Stump Out

Dock Leveler "Stump-Out" is a safety issue with the mechanical and air versions of dock levelers the world over. This informative document will explain the dangers of a mechanical fall-safe leg system and discuss the benefits of the hydraulic fall-safe option.

Hydraulic VS Air Dock Levelers

When the time comes to consider which type of dock leveler best suits your application, Pentalift has included the Dock Levelers: Hydraulic vs. Air document to assist in the decision-making process. The Pentalift hydraulic dock leveler is still considered the best choice over air and mechanical for capacities, longevity and maintenance considerations.

Benefits of Cantilevered Dock Levelers

Included in the dock equipment resources page is the Benefits of Projected / Cantilevered Dock Leveler Pits document. This informative PDF will allow designers the opportunity to consider the slope of the approach a truck will experience as it backs into the loading dock area. This is an important consideration when protecting the building from damage along with the dock equipment, doors and the trailer itself.

Benefits of Pour In Dock Levelers

Pentalift provides a Cost Savings Of Utilizing Pour In Dock Levelers PDF to explain the benefits of including the dock levelers into the initial stages of the project; creating the perfect fit as the concrete flooring is poured around the in dock leveler(s) steel frame

Dock Equipment LEED Accreditation

Pentalift dock equipment products give customers a rating advantage when up for LEED accreditation from multiple standpoints: use of regional materials, bio-based fuel, a substantial percentage of recycled content in our construction materials and optimized energy performance.

Architect Guides and Information About Loading Docks

Architects will find an easy to navigate page of their own, featuring important information which will assist them in the design of their loading dock area.

Dock Leveler Capacities

Understanding Dock Levelers Capacities is one of the most important specifications to determine when selecting the type of dock leveler to include into your design. Familiarizing yourself with the style of lift truck, the heaviest weight moving over the leveler, how many times per shift and how many shifts per day the leveler is utilized will all contribute to the leveler's capacity.