Leader in Energy and Environmental Design. What does it mean? It stands for a new set of manufacturing and building codes which take the environment into consideration when an architect or contractor is putting a project together. Many government buildings are now LEED Platinum rated before they are ever built. This means the architect has sourced the most sustainable manufacturers of product for inclusion into the building project. This will leave a much smaller carbon footprint on the planet, from the manufacturing of each product to the functionality of the facility itself -once fully operational.

LEED accreditation can offer tax breaks to the builder as well as major energy savings for the owner. LEED is a promise to our environment and economy to those we leave behind,
that building with a conscience is the right way to build for our future. Pentalift believes in this ideal and continues to be a sustainable company, building quality product and offering LEED accreditation on our full line of loading dock equipment and lift tables.

View the supporting Pentalift LEED document to understand the credits dock equipment will win you on your next building project.

Pentalift is a member of the USGBC – United States Green Building Council.