Semi-Portable Scissor Lift Table

This is an attachment which can be placed on the scissor lift in order to move the unit. The handle is removable. This option only allows the lift to be moved without a load on it.

Powered Portable Scissor Lift Table

Wheels and a power drive mechanism are added to the scissor lift table.

Non-Standard Paint Color

Equipment is mechanically cleaned prior to finish and/or primer application. Product is painted with Pentalift’s standard composition alkyd enamel to the RAL specified color.

NEMA4/4X Stainless Steel Enclosures for Power Units

Featuring all stainless steel panel construction, stainless steel hardware and piano hinge cover. Often used in exterior or wash down applications.

Solid Sheet Metal Safety Curtains

For applications where recurring equipment damage is a concern. Heavy skirting is provided down from the platform sides.

Oversize Loads

WIde loads can be handled by increasing the width of the lift platform or base.

Stainless Steel Construction

The entire lift or components of the lift can be constructed from stainless steel.

Fork Pocket Package

Can be either side installed or installed under frame, providing easy portability.

Protective Cylinder “BOOTS”

An accordion bellows - like sleeve which fits over cylinder rods and screws.

Split and Hinge Throw-Over Plates

Use to accommodate wheeled traffic onto or off of the lift.

Anti-Skid Painted Surface

A special paint containing grit can be used in order to create a skid resistant surface.

Fork Slots

Allows for unskidded loads to be placed on the top and the forks of the fork lift removed.

Long Tandem Lifts

Two tables can be physically joined by a common platform and base.

Power Unit Wall Bracket

To accommodate wall mounting of a hydraulic power unit.

Safety Photo Eye on Approach Side Pan for No Low

Installed so that the beam protects the front edge of platform as it lowers to the floor. Stops downward movement of lift if any object obstructs the beam. No Low ONLY.

Wall Mounted Up/Down Push Button Control Station

Control station contained in a NEMA12 rated metal enclosure and mounted to an adjacent wall.

Warning Device (Bell or Buzzer)

Rings for 1 to 6 seconds before up or down functions commence.

Non-Standard Fork Length for Bin TIlter

A longer fork length - built to specific application requirements.
Bin Tilter ONLY.

Step-Down Floor Lock for Bin Tilter

A lock that creates friction on the floor to prevent movement of the  bin tilter. Bin Tilter ONLY.

Non-Standard Fork Width for Bin Tilter

Wider fork spacing - built to specific application requirements.
Bin Tilter ONLY.

Extra Pneumatic Hose for ProAir

Maximum 25 feet. Additional hose on the air supply line. ProAir ONLY.

Regulator Filter for ProAir

Used with air motor power units to filter and regulate the pressure of the supplied air. ProAir ONLY.

Air Motor Hydraulic Power Unit

For special applications where it is desirable to eliminate electrical power supply.  An air motor replaces the electric motor on the hydraulic power unit. The air consumption requirements to accommodate this option are relatively high. The cost of this option is considerable.

Larger Air Valve for ProAir

Offers quicker cycle times for air motor power units. ProAir ONLY.

Access Gates

Available in many widths and can be interlocked, preventing lift table from lifting or lowering if gate is not latched.

Sure Stop Valve

Precise stopping at any position without over-run.

Roller Curtain

Alternative to accordion bellows, to minimize debris entry under platform. Often used in 1-2-3 sided applications..

Remote Continuous Running Power Units

Suited to high cycling applications.

Ball Transfer Platform

Improves applications such as conveyor systems, directional transfer or high capacity handling.

Portability Package – Caster Options

Lift table can be manually moved with load, but may not be practical if towing powered equipment. Consult factory. Both fixed and swivel casters are available in several styles. Mounting can be beneath the base frame or outboard.

Load Cells

Load cells are added to facilitate weighing of product on lift.

Restrict Tilt to 40 Degrees for Tilter

Maximum tilt is set at 40 degrees.
Tilter ONLY.

Restrict Tilt to 30 Degrees for Tilter

Maximum tilt is set at 30 degrees.
Tilter ONLY.

Floor Stand for Tilter

A stand that the tilter is installed onto to raise its operating position.
Tilter ONLY.

Maintenance Stand for Tilter

An integral maintenance stand is provided with the lift. Tilter ONLY.

Special Height Backstop for Tilter

For a tilter, nonstandard heights are available for the back stop.
Tilter ONLY.

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