An international collaboration of Space Agencies joined forces to design and manufacture a large infrared space telescope. The space telescope will study every phase in the history of the universe up to the evolution of our Solar System. Pentalift was contacted by one of the subcontractors to discuss the requirements and specifications of a custom scissor lift to be used in the space telescope test chamber. Upon completion of the qualification process Pentalift was judged successful and subsequently awarded the contract to design and manufacture the custom hydraulic lift table shown. The platform is 15′ wide, 20′ long with 2 passage gates on the platform and sectional removable guard rails and around the remaining perimeter of the platform. The lift has a closed height of 4′ and features 40′ of vertical lift that evenly supports a total load of 6,000 lbs. at any elevation. Due to the 15′ platform width and related width shipping restrictions the custom hydraulic lift table was manufactured in 2 sub-assemblies, bolted together at the factory for load testing, dismantled for shipping and bolted together again at the time of the final installation.

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