Pentalift received an inquiry from an electrical panel manufacturer to design and manufacture a lift and tilt table that could lift and tilt a maximum capacity of 2,500lbs. The electrical panel manufacturer’s process starts by placing an empty electrical panel on top of the horizontal table. The process requires the ability of operating the platform up and down for the assembly process. Once the electrical panel is completely assembled the process requires the operator to have the ability of tilting the electrical panel 90 degrees to the floor to make removing the electrical panel from the table easier. The Pentalift design proposal met all of the customer’s requirements. The lift and tilt table was manufactured to be exactly what they wanted it. The platform size of the lift and tilt table is 48″ x 98″ with the maximum capacity of 2,500 lbs. The lift table is operated by a remote 3 horse power 3 phase power unit with a double acting cylinder on the tilt operation.

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