Pentalift was invited to participate in the design and construction of a specialty lift and power rotate lift table for a well know North American systems integrator. The systems integrator was contracted by a helicopter maintenance facility to provide a solution to be used in the blade balancing procedure prior to installing new blades on the helicopter. A primary high vertical travel lift was supplied by the systems integrator, the Pentalift lift and rotate table was installed on the primary lift, the helicopter blades loaded onto the Pentalift lift and raised for the final positioning. When in close proximity to the final position the Pentalift lift table was raised and positioned/rotated enabling the blades to be bolted to the helicopter test engine, the lift was then lowered. When the balancing was completed the lift returned to the elevated position, blades disconnected, positioned on the Pentalift lift table, lowered and then installed on the helicopter. The lift table has a 3,000 lb lifting capacity with a platform size of 54″ wide by 96″ long, 120″ of vertical lift. A slew ring style of bearing was used on the 180 degree rotating top to minimize lateral deflection and to provide ease of rotation. Based on the outdoors environment the finish coat is a high solids epoxy paint designed to resist alkalis, acids and solvents.

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