One of the largest producers of specialty metals and products in the world use innovative technologies to meet their customers’ expectations. Their products include titanium alloys, nickel based alloys and stainless and specialty steels. In one of their mills they replaced an outdated piece of equipment with a custom engineered Pentalift down ender. The steel ingot is positioned on the 20,000 lb capacity down ender when the down ender is in the level to floor position. The down ender is lowered 90 degrees; the steel ingot is now in the vertical position and is removed with overhead handling equipment. The platform is 35″ wide, 130″ long and the V groove deck supports are sized to accommodate 26″ – 29″ diameter steel ingots. The power unit is a remote double acting 5 hp 460/3/60 design equipped with guarded foot pedal controls. Counter balanced valves are hard plumbed to the double acting cylinders to prevent load runaway when tilting or load runaway in the unlikely event of hydraulic hose failure. Throughout the complete process Pentalift worked very closely with the customers engineering department to assure that the project was brought to a successful conclusion. Photo shows the down ender in the stored position ready to ship.

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