About Pentalift

As the loading dock and materials handling industry continues to evolve, Pentalift; founded in 1983, has proven that with quality product, service and warranties, engineering for safety never goes out of style.

May, 1983
Arne Pedersen and sons found Pentalift Equipment Corporation in Guelph, Ontario, dedicated to producing a superior product and committing themselves to a higher level of customer service.
Pentalift aggressively builds a dealer network across Canada.
Pentalift enters the American market, distributors in Georgia, Pennsylvania, New York, Wisconsin and Minnesota are signed up to sell Pentalift products.
Volume of business dictates a move from its 10,000 sq. ft. plant to a new 43,000 sq. ft. facility.
Pentalift pursues a distributor presence overseas, making product available through a distributor in France. A second plant is opened in Guelph and staff added to begin manufacturing dock seals and shelters; offering a complete line of loading dock equipment.
Pentalift purchases a third building to accommodate the growing demand for product.
Further expansion leads to an additional 45,000 sq. ft. added to the manufacturing plant.
Pentalift celebrates its 25th anniversary. Includes LEED data, supporting Green initiatives in building practices.
Pentalift is 30 years old and still the largest manufacturer of in-plant lifts and positioning tables in Canada.

Pentalift’s continuing success in designing, engineering and manufacturing Lift Tables has gained Pentalift a “world-class” reputation within the Materials Handling Industry In its relatively short history, Pentalift’s workforce has grown to over 100 employees; our modern, fully equipped manufacturing facilities represent a total of more than 120,000 square feet.

Pentalift's Brand Vision

Brand Promise

To deliver high value, high quality  product, warranty, aftermarket and technical support through our  heightened sense of customer service

Brand Personality

Ethical, knowledgeable, efficient, professional, established, environmentally responsible.

Brand Tone and Manner

Friendly, educational, consultative, and reputable,  a leader in our industry.

Brand Identity

Engineered for Safety. Ethical, innovative and reputable.

Brand Mission

To supply the highest quality product  in the industry at competitive prices and  exceptional lead times and support. To  facilitate the best application of  the products for the customer.

Brand Values

Friendly, educational, consultative, and reputable,  a leader in our industry.