Pentalift's custom upenders and titlers are availabale in many sizes and load handling capacities suit an extensive range of positioning solutions.

110,000 lbs. Capacity Hydraulic Upender

Pentalift 110,000 lbs. capacity with a low height of 42” and a platform size of 8’ x 5’ x 5’. It is equipped with double acting hydraulic cylinders and a counter balance valve to ensure safe and stable upending as the center of gravity changes.

20,000 Lbs. Capacity Upender with Cradle

An international company that manufactures subsea systems, surface well heads and transfer systems to accommodate the energy industry requirements contacted Pentalift to discuss design criteria. This manufacturer was moving its production capacity from several remote facilities into one major

Upender With Pallet Pocket

A manufacturer of liquid filled
electrical transformers contacted
Pentalift with an upender

90 Degree Lift And Tilt Table

Pentalift received an inquiry from an electrical panel manufacturer to design and manufacture a lift and tilt table that could lift and tilt a maximum capacity of 2,500lbs. The electrical panel manufacturer's process starts by placing an empty electrical panel on top of the horizontal table.

Paper Roll Tilter

A tissue paper manufacturer was investigating ways to improve efficiency and safety at the converting machine stage of production. At this process 2 separate rolls of tissue paper are processed into one double ply of paper.

Scissor Lift Table With Tilt On The End And Side

A well-recognized manufacturer of automobiles, motorcycles and recreational vehicles began a research for custom built dual direction tilt platforms. The Research and Development department of this company working with their Engineering Department was sourcing a tilter to be used in the testing stages of a prototype RV.

Pentalift Down Ender Tilt Table

One of the largest producers of specialty metals and products in the world use innovative technologies to meet their customers' expectations. Their products include titanium alloys, nickel based alloys and stainless and specialty steels. In one of their mills they replaced an outdated piece of equipment with a custom engineered Pentalift down ender.

No Low lift table with 90 degree tilt

An international testing company contacted Pentalift with a unique application involved in their mine minerals analysis process. During the testing process a core sample is raised to the test bench height and tilted to assist with placement on the test bench.

180 Degree Powered Rotator with 2 Tilt Tables

An Aerospace supplier loads components onto a “tilted” rack for shipment to an Aircraft Assembly Facility. Each rack, fully loaded weighs 2700 lbs. The racks were originally being loaded in a congested area,

1,000 lb capacity bin dumper with adjustable chute

A manufacturer of textile products contacted Pentalift for a safe and efficient method to empty a 51” wide x 40” long 1,000 lb container 120 degrees.. The

Steel Inverter 25,000 lbs. down ender

Steel Mill requires positioning equipment to “down end” 25,000 lb. Ingot of steel. Positioning equipment receives steel ingot in raised/vertical position down ends ingot into horizontal position.

Triple Scissor Hydraulic Lift Tables and Up-Ender

Pentalift successfully designed and engineered 2 sets of Hydraulic Lift Tables and Hydraulic Up-Enders for use in a Foundry application. This Foundry casts engine blocks for many of the largest Diesel Engines used in the Locomotive,

Towline carrier used in assembly of ATV’s

Internationally known manufacturer of Agricultural and Construction equipment recently entered into the ATV market. The ATV, weighing approximately 2000 lbs, is assembled on a moving production line.

Dual Direction Tilt Table

A new dual direction tilt table designed for a personnel carrier manufacturer was engineered as the central component in a research and development test station. The table facilitates the off-center testing of a personnel carrier

30,000 lb Capacity Hydraulic UpEnder

A Heavy Capacity Hydraulic UpEnder was designed and manufactured to rotate 30,000 lbs from the vertical position to the horizontal position. To assure safety and provide smooth, even transition during the tilting operation

Dual Direction Bin Tilter used to “pick” parts

Automotive manufacturer required dual direction bin tilt unit to improve ergonomics at parts distribution center. Portable unit picked up by power drive pallet truck.

60,000 lb Heavy Duty Coil Inverter

A heavy-duty inverter designed for a steel processor was engineered to safely rotate a 60,000 lb. roll of steel, 90° from a horizontal to a vertical position.

60,000 lb capacity Hydraulic Upender

One of the largest manufacturers of medium and large transformers required an application designed coil handling upender. The coil of steel is loaded and tilted 90 degree