An Aerospace supplier loads components onto a “tilted” rack for shipment to an Aircraft Assembly Facility. Each rack, fully loaded weighs 2700 lbs. The racks were originally being loaded in a congested area, Fork Lift Truck access was challenging and this also presented a safety issue to line operator. To improve this application Pentalift designed and supplied an 8000 lb capacity power rotator approximately 7’ wide x 12’ long, 2 tilters approximately 5’ x 7’ and a pedestal installed Master Control Panel. Once the rack closest to the line operator was fully loaded, the rack was then lowered into the horizontal position. The powered rotator turned 180 degrees presenting the loaded rack to the Fork Lift Truck operator for removal and also presented a new empty rack to the line operator to load. Through the installation of this product the rack loading time was decreased, less congestion significantly increased safety for the line operator and Fork Lift Truck access was improved.

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