An international company that manufactures subsea systems, surface well heads and transfer systems to accommodate the energy industry requirements contacted Pentalift to discuss design criteria. This manufacturer was moving its production capacity from several remote facilities into one major centralized industrial campus. At this specific facility in the campus a number of subassemblies are delivered by overhead crane to one of the two Pentalift hydraulic upenders illustrated. The final assembly is completed on the longer platform when it is in the horizontal position, once completed tilted up 90 degrees and removed by overhead crane. The hydraulic operated upenders have a 20,000 lb tilting capacity. The platform size is 6’ wide x 14’ long x 7’ high with V cradle to accept and secure the components during assembly. The upenders are operated using a 460/3/60 10 hp TEFC power unit, double acting hydraulic cylinders and 2 counter balance valves to provide smooth transition as the load center changes.

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