25,000 lb capacity up to 120,000 lb capacities is available to suit a wide range of lifting requirements.

Dual Scissor Lift Table c/w Hinged Caster Deck

An E-commerce customer that relies heavily on Air Cargo shipments to replenish their Fulfillment Centers contacted Pentalift to discuss improving the off-loading efficiency at their loading dock area. The lift table shown has a caster deck to allow the dock attendants to quickly off load the ULD's (Unit Load Device) from the truck and push it to the designated sortation area.

110,000 lbs. Capacity Hydraulic Upender

Pentalift 110,000 lbs. capacity with a low height of 42” and a platform size of 8’ x 5’ x 5’. It is equipped with double acting hydraulic cylinders and a counter balance valve to ensure safe and stable upending as the center of gravity changes.

High Capacity Lift Table used in landing gear test

A Manufacturer of Jet Aircraft Landing Gear required a Hydraulic Lift Table to meet a precise high speed application. The Lift Table was designed and engineered to operate during the testing procedure of the companies Aircraft

Tilt Platform (45 Degrees) On Triple Scissor Lift Table

A paper recycler contacted Pentalift to discuss a more efficient way to process bulk recycled paper. The bundles of recycled paper are 7 foot long 4 foot high and 4 foot deep. These bundles are placed on the tilt platform using

Tandem Scissor Lift Table with protective skirt & wheel guides

Pentalift was contacted by a skilled trades technical school to assist in the design of 2 lift tables to be used in the waste management process at one of their facilities.

Steel Processing Custom Lift Table

A steel processing company requested assistance in designing a custom lift table to suit their application. The steel to be handled arrived in 3 lengths; 8’ long, 16’ long and 24’ long.

Triple Scissor Hydraulic Lift Tables and Up-Ender

Pentalift successfully designed and engineered 2 sets of Hydraulic Lift Tables and Hydraulic Up-Enders for use in a Foundry application. This Foundry casts engine blocks for many of the largest Diesel Engines used in the Locomotive,

Hydraulic Security Lift Table

The lift table is approximately 10’ wide, 16’ long with a 100,000 lb structural roll over capacity. All vehicle traffic is directed through an access tunnel.

120,000 Dual Tandem used in steel manufacturing facility

An installation in a steel processing plant where two high-capacity tandem lift tables operate side by side. Each lift table features 6' of vertical travel and lifting capacities to 120,000 lb.

Tandem High Lift used in assembly of locomotive

Three 50,000 lb capacity, tandem scissor leg lift tables were purchased and installed into a 10' deep concrete pit. When the Lift Table(s) is in the fully raised position it is level with the floor.

30,000 lb Capacity Hydraulic UpEnder

A Heavy Capacity Hydraulic UpEnder was designed and manufactured to rotate 30,000 lbs from the vertical position to the horizontal position. To assure safety and provide smooth, even transition during the tilting operation

Tandem Double Scissor Lift Table shown partly elevated

During the design of an advanced high volume semi-conductor manufacturing facility Pentalift was contacted and subsequently awarded an order for 2 custom lift tables. The lift tables are installed and used outdoors during the construction of this facility.

Symetrical Thrust High Capacity Design

A Pit-Installed Lift Table was design-engineered for a major manufacturer of heavy earth moving and agricultural equipment by Pentalift. Capable of lifting loads up to 40,000 lb.,

60,000 lb Heavy Duty Coil Inverter

A heavy-duty inverter designed for a steel processor was engineered to safely rotate a 60,000 lb. roll of steel, 90° from a horizontal to a vertical position.

High Capacity, High Cycle Dual Lift Table

A 90,000 lb., high cycle lift table which is used in the manufacture of fiberboard-type products, in a high speed, continuous output operation. Two identical lift tables were installed.

60,000 lb capacity Hydraulic Upender

One of the largest manufacturers of medium and large transformers required an application designed coil handling upender. The coil of steel is loaded and tilted 90 degree

Dual Scissor Lift Table c/w Hinged Deck Stops

A manufacturer of steel pipe contacted Pentalift to discuss a custom lift table. The lift table used to accumulate bundles of steel pipe. The lift table platform is 130” wide x 90” long with a 30,000 Ib. capacity rating.