A Pit-Installed Lift Table was design-engineered for a major manufacturer of heavy earth moving and agricultural equipment by Pentalift. Capable of lifting loads up to 40,000 lb., the lift table is installed flush in the production line floor. The pit installed lift table is used to facilitate the assembly of agricultural equipment and other heavy, off-highway machinery. During assembly, the equipment is raised 2 feet to facilitate track installation. With the lift table still in its raised position, the engine is started and the tracks are adjusted and aligned. After the alignment procedure is complete, the lift table is lowered and the equipment is driven away. In its elevated position, the table has been engineered to be able to withstand the vibrations of a running engine. The pit-installed lift table features power-driven safety support legs to promote safety during scheduled maintenance procedures and electric safety valves are installed on each cylinder to prevent downward drift.

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