An installation in a steel processing plant where two high-capacity tandem lift tables operate side by side. Each lift table features 6′ of vertical travel and lifting capacities to 120,000 lb.This photo shows just one of the lift tables.The lift tables were designed to work in concert at the steel processing plant. When in operation, one unit starts in a lowered position and raises 120,000 lb. of steel while the second unit starts in a raised position and lowers 120,000 lbs. of steel. The tables feature deck sizes of 12’ x 20’, PLC-controlled 75 HP power packs to provide required travel speed with precise, pre-set positioning, and pressure-compensating safety valves for smooth operation. To facilitate ease of shipment and assembly, each table was manufactured in 2 pieces and then bolted together onsite.The new lift tables feature Pentalift’s exclusive PentaFLOW Hydraulic Cylinder, designed to ensure long cylinder life and reduce maintenance. The PentaFLOW cylinder is completely sealed and all components are continuously lubricated with fresh oil, eliminating cylinder contamination, deterioration and dead-ending as well as high-stress build-up in the cylinder, equipment structure and hydraulic system.

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