Custom high lifts and scissor lifts for extended lift heights for product transfer and work platforms, designed to assure stability and rigidity.

Triple Scissor Lift Table for Motor Coach Manufacturer

When a premier coach manufacturer contacted Pentalift to discuss an application for storing and retrieving primary components during the assembly of their motor homes, Pentalift’s engineering team answered.

Stainless Steel Quadruple Scissor Lift Table

A fertilizer manufacturer contacted Pentalift regarding an application for a high lift. During the manufacturing process bags of ingredients were raised to a mixing machine located on a mezzanine. A stainless steel design lift table was

Large Dual Double Scissor Lift Table

This lift table was designed to store and retrieve cars in an underground parking garage. The final design is based on a dual (side by side) lift for extra stability over the 11' platform length and with a double scissor (2 sets of scissor legs) to achieve the 17' of vertical lift required.

Dual Quadruple Scissor Lift Table

An international collaboration of Space Agencies joined forces to design and manufacture a large infrared space telescope. The space telescope will study every phase in the history of the universe up to the evolution of our Solar System. Pentalift was contacted by one of the subcontractors to discuss the requirements and specifications of a custom scissor lift to be used in the space telescope test chamber.

Mobile Television Broadcast Studio to broadcast NASCAR events

Pentalift engineered and manufactured an application designed tandem (dual leg set for improved stability) hydraulic lift table to safely raise and lower the broadcast studio during the weekend’s events.

Tandem High Lift used in assembly of locomotive

Three 50,000 lb capacity, tandem scissor leg lift tables were purchased and installed into a 10' deep concrete pit. When the Lift Table(s) is in the fully raised position it is level with the floor.

Hydraulic Lift Table features air bearings for lateral transfer

Nuclear submarines are dry docked for retrofit of new sonar array sections. Application designed portable positioning systems feature dual speed lift/lower, 75% off center load handling capabilities and precise positioning

Triple Scissors Lift Table used in prop transfer

Theatre department retrieves stored props and theatre equipment from the basement underneath the stage. A triple scissor lift with 19’ of vertical travel.

High Lift with aluminum enclosure on platform

Theatre department retrieves stored props and theatre equipment from the basement underneath the stage. A triple scissor lift with 19’ of vertical travel.

Clean Room Class 100 four post servo motor

High-precision lift utilized in NASA-Advanced X-Ray Astrophysics Facility Imaging (AXAF-1). Unit is used to lift and position optics. Application designed and engineered a four-post lift with 4,000 lbs lifting capacity.

Drive Through Double Scissor No-Low

A medical supply warehouse required access to an upper level to permit the transfer of their products. The Pentalift No Low lift table shown features a drive through design; this feature eliminated the requirement of costly pit

Quad Hydraulic Transport Scissor Lift

A commercial baker of organic products required a custom designed lift to transfer ingredients from the storage location to an elevated mixing area. As limited space and vertical travel were the prime factors to address Pentalift

Food Processing Poultry Plant Lift Table

One of North Americas most recognized food processing companies required a group of 3 scissor lifts to work in co-ordination in one of their poultry plants. These 3 lifts are approximately 3’ wide, 28’ long and rise to a height of

Tandem Double Scissor Lift Table shown partly elevated

During the design of an advanced high volume semi-conductor manufacturing facility Pentalift was contacted and subsequently awarded an order for 2 custom lift tables. The lift tables are installed and used outdoors during the construction of this facility.

Triple Scissor Hydraulic Lift Table For Helicopter Assembly

During the final assembly of Helicopters, this manufacturer’s course of action is to first “balance” the helicopter blades. The helicopter blades, typically a group of 3, are raised, rotated into position and installed on a fixed helicopter engine that operates in an outdoor setting.

Double Scissor Lift Platform

A 26’ x 40’ quad design, double scissor lift platform designed and assembled in four separate sections.This work platform was designed to lift personnel and equipment 18’ to an elevated work and assembly area. The internal structure,

Triple Scissor Lift Table with gated 4 side enclosure

A recreation facility required access to an upper level for the transfer of assorted products. The Pentalift Triple Scissor Lift Table shown features a fully enclosed, 4 sided, gated, 72” high safety mesh enclosure. Product is loaded onto the platform in the lowered position, gates closed.