Lift tables help reduce physical strain and fatigue associated with repetitive lifting and lowering by allowing the worker to set the work height to their preference. This adjustable height feature ensures the work is conducted at a comfortable ergonomic level regardless of the product or operators’ height.

The ability for an operator to set the most comfortable work height helps prevent back, neck and shoulder problems that can result from awkward or strained repetitive movements.

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To avoid repetitive reaching and stretching lift tables can also be provided with a wide range of rotating top sizes to keep the work well within the comfort zone of the operator. This feature is well suited to any application that requires palletizing or de- palletizing. Simply rotate the pallet to within the comfort zone of the operator when positioning or removing product from a pallet as opposed to extending and reaching across the pallet to lift or lower product into position.

This link leads to a selection of lift tables equipped with rotating tops. Rotating tops have number of options to choose from to hold or lock the rotating top in position during loading or unloading.

Shipping or receiving product in a bin can lead to operator challenges comfortably loading or removing product from the bottom of the bin. To avoid excessive deep reaching the bin is both raised and tilted into the most ergonomically correct and comfortable position for the operator to perform their task.

This link leads to a selection of lift tables equipped with a tilt top for ease of product positioning into or removal from a bin.

It is important to choose and equip the right lift table for the specific application and to ensure that the operators are properly trained in its use.

In summary ergonomic benefits derived from using lift tables or lift tables equipped with rotating tops or tilt tops improves workplace safety, increases productivity and contributes to the overall comfort and well-being of the employees.

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