Pentalift offers a complete line of lift tables.

Pro Series Lift Tables

Heavy duty design to lift and rotate product into the most correct ergonomic position. 2,500, 4,000, 6,000lb capacity.

12L Lift Tables

Ruggedly designed and built to suit demanding industrial applications, available in capacities ranging from 3,000 lb – 20,000 lb. 59” of lift is standard.

10L Lift Tables

Designed to suit applications that require a relatively small platform size with a high load capacity rating.

IR Series Lift Tables

Used most often as ergonomically correct work positioner. Available in 1,000lb-1,500lb and 2,000lb capacity.

No Low Lift Tables

Drive on design lift table is often used with pallet trucks or where a recessed pit is not an option. 2,500 lb-4,000 lb-6,000 lb capacity.

4.3 Low Height Lift Tables

With a closed height of only 4.3” one of the industries lowest profile hydraulic lift tables. 1,500 lb and 4,000 lb capacity.

E Series Lift Tables

E Series lift tables are available in 500 lb or 1,000 lb capacity, 24” x 48” platform size and both models are available for quick delivery.

Pro Air Lift Tables

Pneumatic operated lift tables often used in wash down areas or plants that use compressed air as primary energy source. 2,000 lb-4,000 lb-6,000 lb capacity.