Pentalift offers a complete range of electro-hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical lift and tilting equipment.

Pro Series Lift and Tilt Tables

Electro-hydraulic operation. Designed to lift and tilt bins into an ergonomically correct position as components are added or removed from the bin. Up to 45 degree tilt and 48" of vertical travel, 2,000 lb or 3,500 lb or 5,500 capacity.

LTNI-Lift and Tilt Non-Intrusive

Unique electro hydraulic lift and tilt design. As the bin is simultaneously lifted and tilted the design does not force the operator back during the tilting operation. 2,500 lb-4,000 lb-6,000 lb capacity.

Pro Air Pneumatic Lift and Tilt Tables

Pneumatic operated lift and tilt functions operate independently permitting various height operators to select the most comfortable work position. 2,500 lb-4,000 lb-5,000 lb capacity.

No Low Lift and Tilt Tables

Drive on design lift and tilt table is often used with pallet trucks or where a recessed pit is not an option. 2,500 lb-4,000 lb-6,000 lb capacity.

Portable Bin Tilters

Fully portable, easy to move, up to 85 degree bin tilter. On board 12V power unit, storage battery and 110V plug in charger provides mobility throughout various work station locations. 2,000 lb or 4,000 lb capacity. 4,000lb - 6,000lb capacity.

High Point Tilters

Drive on design electro-hydraulic tilter is available with up to 85 degrees of tilt. High point tilt design permits operator to remain in the same physical location throughout the operating cycle as components are added or removed from the bin. 2,000 lb or 4,000 lb capacity.