Pentalift offers a complete line of hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical lift and rotate tables.

Pro Series Hydraulic Lift and Rotate

Heavy duty design to lift and rotate product into the most correct ergonomic position. 500 lb-1,000 lb-1,500 lb capacity (IR Series) or 2,000 lb-3,500 lb-5,500 lb capacity (Pro Series).

Pro Air Pneumatic Lift and Rotate

Pneumatic operated lift and rotate tables often used in wash down areas or plants that use compressed air as primary energy source. 2,000 lb-4,000 lb-6,000 lb capacity.

Pentaloader Automatic Self Leveling Palletizer

Automatically lowers as weight is added, automatically rises as weight is removed during the palletizing/de-palletizing process. Shipped complete with 48” square rotating top. 4,500 lb capacity.