Control Panel Options what do I need? Pentalift adds value by designing and assembling its own control panels "in house" at the factory. This helps accommodate interlocking of other dock equipment. Interlocking to vehicle restraints, overhead doors and inflatable shelters create a safe and productive loading dock system. Single master control panels save space and reduce electrical hook-up costs. Control Panel Technology Using proven long term technology eliminates replacing costly touch pa... Read More
Factory Automation Solutions aid in precise repetitive product positioning Factory automation solutions are Pentalift’s specialty. Three hydraulic scissor lift tables with side shifting chain conveyors were synchronized. These tables lined up structural steel or tubing to be cut by a band saw. This factory automation solution made it so the steel could be placed, prepared and positioned on to the conveyor for processing. Conveyor and Palletizing System Factory Automation Solutions The lif... Read More
  Ergonomic Positioning Solutions Improve Safety Ergonomic Lift Tables help repetitive stress injuries Pentalift’s Ergonomic Lift Tables suit a wide variety of applications. Adjustable height designs are available in 2,500, 4,000 and 6,000 lb capacities. Ergonomic tables help position parts within easy reach of the operator. Repetitive bending and reaching can cause many employee health issues.  Did you know this can lead to poor morale?  Awkward bending and stretching can slow down... Read More
Logistic readiness operations have a number of safety concerns to take into consideration when they are generating a comprehensive safety plan. One of the most neglected areas of logistics safety training tends to be fall protection training. Logistics personnel tend to be rough and ready types who are charged with heavy equipment accident prevention on a daily basis, and this is often a much larger concern than fall prevention. However, according to the IHSA falls are a major cause of injury a... Read More
As part of any business to keep your employees safe and to keep business running as usual, maintaining your loading dock equipment is vital to this continual operation. Depending on your individual application, your loading dock equipment may include truck restraints, dock levelers, and roll up doors – all of which are intricate parts of the loading dock. If you have an outside maintenance program - all the better, but small things can happen and you can’t always wait for their inspection ap... Read More
Recent research has shown that preventative maintenance can greatly improve worker efficiency. Supervisors need to understand the importance of both quality and maintenance, since if they don’t, the company or organization costs will rise. Poor efficiency affects the quality of an organization’s goods or services. This can lead to an overall negative image which may drive customers away to the competition. These days, more and more companies are realizing that a regular preventive mai... Read More
Creating a lean culture often involves looking into your organization’s internal functions through your customers’ eyes. A lean culture will not only keep your customers happy and coming back for business, but it will also create sustainability, which is a recipe for success. Here are some reasons why creating a lean culture is essential for sustainability: The Customer Is Everyone’s Business - It should not surprise you that creating a lean culture is all about making the customer ... Read More
Conventionally, ergonomics applies information about human abilities, behavior, and limitations to the design of tools, machines,  tasks, jobs, and environments for safe, productive, effective, and comfortable human use. There are certain factors that play a role in ergonomics, including posture and movement and environmental factors, such as temperature, humidity, lighting, and noise. The goal of ergonomics is to provide maximum productivity with minimal cost; in this context cost is expresse... Read More
Factory optimization has become imperative in today’s highly competitive business environment. The pressure of the competition, increased ecological awareness of the consumers and governing organizations, as well as the escalating demands of clients for higher quality standards are driving more and more factory owners to adopt advanced technology solutions in order to optimize their manufacturing facilities. Factory optimization through technology allows you to stay ahead of the curve, keep cu... Read More
The ultimate role of edge of dock levelers is to make your business more efficient, which can only be achieved through reliable operation resulting in maximum return on investment. There are essentially two types of edge of dock levelers, hydraulic and mechanical, both of which are time and cost effective solutions. Here are a few details on how hydraulic and mechanical edge of dock levelers can help you optimize your productivity: Mechanical Edge of Dock Levelers - Featuring an activatin... Read More