Control Panel Options what do I need?

Pentalift adds value by designing and assembling its own control panels “in house” at the factory. This helps accommodate interlocking of other dock equipment. Interlocking to vehicle restraints, overhead doors and inflatable shelters create a safe and productive loading dock system. Single master control panels save space and reduce electrical hook-up costs.

Control Panel Technology

Using proven long term technology eliminates replacing costly touch pad circuit boards. Hard wired components are more robust than circuit board designs. This matters particularly in loading dock environments where temperatures change drastically. Hard wired components are easier for the average electrician to trouble shoot. This results in lower overall maintenance costs. Operator confusion is avoided by using a single interlocked synchronized control panel.

Control Panel Options

Available control panel options include lockable electrical disconnects and GFCI duplex outlets for dock lights. Overhead door controls can also be incorporated in the control panel. Other NEMA rated control panel enclosures are available depending on the environment and application. Including Auto Return in the control panel allows the dock leveler to automatically reposition itself back to the stored position. This improves safety by eliminating a potential void in the floor. The Deck Stop control panel feature adds the ability for the operator to fully stop the travel of the leveler deck while in operation. This is a constant pressure push button. The Independent Lip Control feature is included with the deck stop feature. This allows the dock attendant to have full and complete control of the dock leveler lip extension throughout the operating range of the leveler. The independent lip control function makes for easier positioning of the lip for end loading / unloading operations.

Consult your Pentalift Sales Representative to further discuss options

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