edge of dock levellersThe ultimate role of edge of dock levelers is to make your business more efficient, which can only be achieved through reliable operation resulting in maximum return on investment. There are essentially two types of edge of dock levelers, hydraulic and mechanical, both of which are time and cost effective solutions. Here are a few details on how hydraulic and mechanical edge of dock levelers can help you optimize your productivity:

  • Mechanical Edge of Dock Levelers – Featuring an activating lever, the mechanical edge of dock levelers require a low effort to activate the edge of dock. The lever has torsion spring assists and integrated handles that eventually result in low effort activation. Safety is therefore enhanced through less operational efforts. The edge of dock lip automatically locks as the dock is extended.
  • Hydraulic Edge of Dock Levelers – Fully hydraulic edge of dock levelers ensure reliable, trouble-free operation and therefore maximum ROI, which is what any business should focus on. The edge of dock is activated by a simple push of a button that engages the self-contained hydraulic system. As a result, their operation is a smooth, controlled, safe, and reliable process. Your business will become a lot more efficient with a hydraulic edge of dock leveler than with a dock plate.

Edge of dock levelers are necessary when trucks are backing up to a dock. The dock board needs to lift over the truck height for simple and quick positioning. Edge of dock levelers can be activated with a simple pull of the handle or push of a button and can be easily mounted to most docks. Available in most of the required widths and for various capacities, edge of dock levelers are capable of servicing trucks that are above or below dock levels.

The benefits of using edge of dock levelers are not limited to time and cost efficiency. They are very versatile and can be mounted to the face of almost any dock especially that approach ramps and transition plates are also available. Safety is also an issue when it comes to huge trucks backing up in a dock. Therefore, a bar lift design facilitates the edge of dock to be tilted easily back first and then forward onto the truck. As a result, heavy pulling and pushing is eliminated.

Maintenance is also a time and cost consuming process and edge of dock levelers help you improve your business efficiency in this respect. Maintenance is reduced dramatically with the heavy duty continuous hinges with grease fittings for superior strength and easy lubrication. Product durability is also ensured through a three dimensional engineering software package used to design and engineer edge of dock levelers.

The conclusion is simple and obvious: edge of dock levelers can make your business more efficient whether you go for the mechanical or hydraulic system. They represent a highly efficient piece of dock equipment that can increase the productivity of your employees as well as ensure their safety at all times. Contact a Pentalift sales representative to find out more about our dock loading products and how we can create a custom solution that meets your needs.

Mike Earle


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