Ergonomic Positioning Solutions Improve Safety

Ergonomic Lift Tables help repetitive stress injuries
Pentalift’s Ergonomic Lift Tables suit a wide variety of applications. Adjustable height designs are available in 2,500, 4,000 and 6,000 lb capacities. Ergonomic tables help position parts within easy reach of the operator. Repetitive bending and reaching can cause many employee health issues.  Did you know this can lead to poor morale?  Awkward bending and stretching can slow down processes and efficiency. What if there was a solution to eliminate repetitive strain? The right lift table will help ensure user safety and boost productivity.

Ergonomic Extras

Want to add more safety? Include toe sensors to stop movement when an object is in the way as table lowers. What about debris? Accordion bellows to keep the area under the lift clean. Bellows come in safety yellow. Look mom no hands! Upgrade to a guarded foot pedal for a hands free operation. Is palletizing part of your process? A manual rotating top can safely rotate the work. Need to go from point A to point B? Semi portable option allows easy movement between work stations. Want an even more ergonomic solution? You can tilt up to 6,000 lbs with ease using a Pro Series tilt table. Tables are fastened to the floor for maximum stability. Pentalift is the industry leader in ergonomic positioning solutions. Need quick delivery? The Pro Series line of lift, rotate and tilt tables are a pre-engineered streamlined range. With so many options let the sales professionals at Pentalift Equipment assist you with an ergonomic solution for every application. Choose the lift table to help you improve your productivity. Increase employee morale by creating a safe, efficient ergonomic workplace today.

Please Contact a Pentalift sales representative to discuss your application requirements.

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