The RVR32 vehicle restraint safety system is a raised, face mounted, off the ground design. The front extension bar provides an operating range of 9” low to 25” high. The rotating steel hook design provides a 32,000 lb restraining capacity. The deeper hook profile increases the size of rear impact bars (RIG) that can be engaged. The hook shape also reduces the stresses on the restraint as well as the RIG by spreading the stresses more evenly. The activation of the restraint hook is made by a hydraulic cylinder. The hydraulic circuit incorporates a relief valve to protect the drive components from impact and shock loads. This restraint is submersible, offers an extreme high and low temperature range and can utilize a common hydraulic power unit when combined with a hydraulic dock leveler. The spring loaded carriage automatically adjusts to trailer movement “float” maintaining contact with the vehicle rear impact guard. A high visibility two way communication system provides communication between the dock attendant and the truck driver.

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