The HFR32 vehicle restraint safety system is a face-mounted, non-impact safety system. The dual side by side hook arrangement, manufactured with 100,000 PSI steel helps to spread out the forces over the rear impact guard (R.I.G.), improving the strength relationship between the two. A 10 1/2 ” low height facilitates lower R.I.G’s. The operating range is 10 1/2” to 28 1/2”. As an option, the operation of the HFR32 vehicle restraint safety system can be interlocked to other dock equipment, i.e. dock leveler, overhead door, inflatable dock seal, etc. A rugged structural steel guard protects the vehicle restraint from impact damage caused by truck/trailers or yard cleaning equipment. A drawbar rating of 32,000 lb provides the strength to restrain virtually any R.I.G. on a truck/trailer. A high-visibility, two-way communication system provides communication between the operator and the driver. All Pentalift vehicle restraints are factory tested before shipping.

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