Ergonomic solution which smoothly and safely rotates the work to the worker. Ideal solution to eliminate reaching or unnecessary operator movements during palletizing, depalletizing, work station assembly or manufacturing operations. Unlike other manufacturers ‘ designs , Pentalift Pro-Series manual rotating tops incorporate a countersunk central cap screw to ensure the top platform cannot be accidentally lifted, removed or misaligned during load positioning or removal. Available in 2,000, 3,500, 5,500lb capacities.

Available options

  • Lift shown with optional accordion bellows
  • Manually operated platform stop. Metal shaft locks rotating top at 90° increments.
  • Spring activated detent stops clw spring loaded ball transfer. Automatically engages every 90° to stop rotation of platform.
  • Spring loaded rotator lock. A positive spring and lever style detent will lock every 90°.
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