Vehicle Restraint Interlock

A combination control panel is provided and operates the Air/hydraulic dock leveler and the vehicle restraint from a single panel. The hydraulic dock leveler is interlocked to the vehicle restraint. The air/hydraulic dock leveler cannot operate until the truck / trailer has been properly engaged by the vehicle restraint.


Interlock Options – inflatable dock seal

A combination control panel is provided. A single control panel operates the inflatable dock seal or shelter, hydraulic dock leveler and / or vehicle restraint. The inflatable dock seal or shelter are connected to only activate when the dock leveler or vehicle restraint are in a predetermined state of use.

Interlock Options – Overhead door kit

A limit switch and a mechanism for activating the limit switch by the overhead door is provided. This interlock prevents the dock leveler from being activated if and when the overhead door is positioned in the operating path of the air/hydraulic dock leveler. This option avoids damage to the OHD door by the air/hydraulic dock leveler.