25,000 lb capacity up to 120,000 lb capacities is available to suit a wide range of lifting requirements.

Dual Scissor Lift Table c/w Hinged Caster Deck

An E-commerce customer that relies heavily on Air Cargo shipments to replenish their Fulfillment Centers contacted Pentalift to discuss improving the off-loading efficiency at their loading dock area. The lift table shown has a caster deck to allow the dock attendants to quickly off load the ULD's (Unit Load Device) from the truck and push it to the designated sortation area.

110,000 lbs. Capacity Hydraulic Upender

Pentalift 110,000 lbs. capacity with a low height of 42” and a platform size of 8’ x 5’ x 5’. It is equipped with double acting hydraulic cylinders and a counter balance valve to ensure safe and stable upending as the center of gravity changes.

Dual Scissor Lift Table c/w Hinged Deck Stops

A manufacturer of steel pipe contacted Pentalift to discuss a custom lift table. The lift table used to accumulate bundles of steel pipe. The lift table platform is 130” wide x 90” long with a 30,000 Ib. capacity rating.