Roll-Off Stop Lip adds Extra Safety

Roll-Off Stop Lip Levelers have an extra safety measure versus standard levelers that can help prevent forklifts from falling off the dock when the door is open and there is no trailer secured to the door opening. The extra feature is a vertical roll-off stop lip that stands up at the edge of the dock when the dock is in the parked position.

8″ High Roll-Off Stop Lip Barrier

The Pentalift roll-off stop lip barrier is one of the highest in the industry. This increases the stopping presence of the dock leveler and further enhances loading dock safety.

Roll-Off Stop Lip protects Overhead Doors

Roll-off stop lips offer safety for machinery and goods operating close to the edge of the leveler.  They also prevent ongoing section impact and damage when the dock door is closed. The roll-off stop lip dock leveler is designed and built to provide all the benefits of a hydraulic dock leveler with the additional benefit of providing a strong barrier.

Roll-Off Stop Lip offset Hinge Design

Pentalift’s offset hinge design is full width and self cleaning. This ensures safe, reliable performance with low maintenance. The raised lip design spreads the load over a larger area.  With better leverage, this lip design is stronger than the conventional lip designs.

Pentalift’s design eliminates Roll-Off Stop Lip issues

By eliminating intricate sliding mechanisms Pentalift’s Series “RS” barrier lip levelers maintain the feature at all times, even during higher risk below level end-loading operations.

 Roll-off Stop Lip is a formidable barrier

 The strong headboard section will withstand substantial impacts.

Roll-Off Stop Lip



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