A Pentalift distributor was approached by one of their customers to discuss replacing a dock leveler that had structurally failed after a number of years of use. After discussing the application details the decision was made to increase the replacement dock levelers capacity to 100,000 lbs. The 100,000 lb capacity dock leveler not only addressed the immediate requirements but also prolongs the longevity of the dock leveler. During the meeting the distributor was asked to address a separate issue that related to safety at the loading dock area. The customer manufactures a number of construction products that are used in residential, commercial and industrial construction; this particular location manufactures wall board. The safety concern to address was a near miss that occurred when a lift truck almost drove off the parked dock leveler to the ground below. As a solution to this safety concern the optional 8” high Roll-Off Stop hydraulic lip was discussed. After viewing the demonstration video the decision was made to proceed.

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