The as a general rule of thumb Pentalift hydraulic lift tables are designed for up to 8 full cycles of operation per hour, 1- 8 hour shift per day, 5 days a week.

There are applications that call for a higher number of cycles per hour, per day, and per week. To accommodate these higher cycle applications Pentalift offers a high cycle option.

A Pentalift high cycle option replaces all of the pivot point bushings with greasable bearings and grease fittings. The scissor lift leg rollers are replaced with greasable precision cam followers and the lift table cylinders are equipped with greasable spherical bearings on the upper and lower pivot points.

This arrangement accommodates much higher cycle frequencies. With regular applications of grease lubrication, it provided a significant product life even in high cycle applications.

There are installations that accessibility to the grease fittings for regular lubrication can be difficult to achieve. Pentalift offers a central lubrication system with a manifold that provides one or more easily accessible points located on the lift table to lubricate all of the pivot points on a regular basis.

If accessibility to the lift table installed manifolds is a challenge Pentalift offers a remote/external manifold that is installed away from the lift table and pre-plumbed to all lubrication points. On any lift table ordered with a high cycle package, it is imperative that all of the lubrication points be greased on a regular basis.

Based on the frequency of starting/stopping the power unit motor a continuous running power unit is also available and may be required. A continuous running power unit eliminates the need to start and stop the motor frequently extending the life expectancy of the hydraulic and electrical components.

Please contact the Pentalift Sales Department to discuss any lift table high cycle application and the options available to prolong the safe reliable operation of the equipment.