In its simplest form a dock leveler is an adjustable ramp that provides lift truck access from the warehouse floor to the truck bed. Dock leveler deck cant allows the dock leveler deck and lip assembly to flex up to 4” laterally or from side-to- side. Typically incoming truck beds are pretty much level from side-to-side with the warehouse floor. However if there is an uneven build-up of snow, ice or debris outside the building the incoming truck bed can be parked on an angle with one corner of the truck bed higher than the other when backed into the loading dock. When the dock leveler is operated the deck and extended lip assembly are lowered onto the truck bed. One side of the lowering lip assembly contacts the highest point of the truck bed; the deck cant feature allows the lip and deck assembly to flex laterally permitting the lip assembly to now lie flat on the uneven truck bed. With the dock leveler deck and lip assembly canted to match the uneven truck bed the lift truck can now easily and smoothly transition in and out of the trailer.