Pentalift offers a complete line of hydraulic dock levelers to suit common and custom capacity requirements. Ranging from a standard construction model to the high capacity series. Dock levelers make the loading and unloading of product at the loading dock a simple process lowering injury costs and creating a better workflow environment. Looking for a product to act as the bridge between your facility and the trailer? Consider a Pentalift hydrualic dock leveler.

HD Series High Capacity Hydraulic Dock Leveler

The HD series high capacity hydraulic dock levelers are available in 80,000 and 100,000lb capacities.

HU Series Ultima Hydraulic Dock Leveler

This series of hydraulic dock levelers are designed for extremely heavy use and high cycle applications.

HD Series Hydraulic Dock Leveler

This is the most common series of hydraulic dock levelers. They provide significant benefits and features.