FRL stands for Filter Regulator and Lubricator. In some applications, depending on vertical travel, an air bag lift table will not be suitable. The alternative is a hydraulic lift table with an air motor operated power unit. It requires compressed air to operate this motor and there are some maintenance factors to maintain efficient operation of the motor. These components are often referred to as an FRL. F – Filter: compressed air that has a high moisture content which is best to remove before it is pumped to the air motor. That’s the function of the filter. R – Regulator: the regulator is in the system to regulate and maintain the PSI rating (pounds per square inch) to efficiently operate the air lift motor. L-Lubricator: the filter removes the moisture from the compressed air and the lubricator adjusts and meters a quantity of lubrication into the compressed air. This process happens before the compressed air reaches the air motor. This light lubrication maintains the efficiency of the air motor operation.

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