Is it really worth the extra money to upgrade from a mechanical dock leveler to a hydraulic dock leveler?
There’s no question that it is worth the small amount of money to upgrade to a hydraulic dock leveler. Mechanical dock levelers require more periodic maintenance than hydraulic dock levelers to keep them in good working order. Hydraulic dock levelers are more ergonomically correct as there is no physical effort required to raise or lower the dock leveler, all operations are by simple push button control. Hydraulic dock levelers also provide additional safety in a fall safe situation. Fall safe can occur if the dock leveler has a load on it and the truck accidentally departs. Hydraulic dock levelers will lock immediately, even if a mechanical dock leveler is equipped with a fall safe option they will still drop to finished floor level. Safer operation, ergonomically correct and less maintenance are the main reasons why it is definitely worth the extra money to go to hydraulic operation.